Friday, July 23, 2010

What up! I am finally pushing to paint some more of my Blood Angles. And this is my newest completed project. It is a Razorback of course, with a twin linked Lascanon. Unlike most Blood Angles players this year, I like running my assault marines with jump packs. I do have two razor back squads that sit back and shoot, counter attack, and hold down the farm.

I like the Black and yellow checkers. It makes it seem more assaulty. I used Blood red and Blazing orange to highlight, and some bootstrap leather drybrushing to make it dirty. I think it looks ok, and better than table standard. Oh, a baal red wash before any highlighting.

Any one got some advice? This is my first BA tank, so could use any advice. Thanks.

... If anyone has ever read this. :)


  1. not that i'm a good painter but your tank would easily be better if you also painted in some of the detail like headlights, trim around the front viewports and lenses in the cupola.

  2. Thanks. I am working on the window shield right now, and the lenses are next. I got distracted by Inception. WTF. I got to see it again.