Saturday, December 11, 2010

Death Company, Help me decide...

So.  I bought a box of death company.  I know right?  Finally.  The models are fantastic, and I sure could use the extra bit in the box.  I however have different Plans for my death company models...

I am going to use them as sergeants!   My buddy and I were playing the other day, and four out of five assault squads rolled a one for red thirst (against IG ((woot!)).  The whole game, I had to keep dice following my guys around the whole time, to show which had red thirst and which did not.  Needless to say, it was a bit of a... well, it sucked.

Then An Idea popped into my little head! I ran right down to the store and got me a box of death.  When I roll red thirst, I am going to put out a death company sergeant, equipped just like the regular sergeant.  This will represent the whole squad going a little nuts.  I usually try to pull my sergeant last (powerfist you know) , so he should stay on the board long enough to clearly show that this squad is red thirsty.  Right.

So, That got me to thinking, how should I paint them up?  The first one I did like everyone else did.  Black, codex grey, with trimmings.  The second, has a black base coat, but is tinted red just a little.  I figured that they were not quite black thirsty, so I should have a red shaddow on it.  What do you guys think?  Any sugestions for the paint jobs (they were test modles, and the lines will become much more neat).

So, the big Question... Black, or red Black?

Oh, any Idea how to do a poll?

Friday, October 29, 2010

Tank Craters R' us

Well hello!  I have been doing some non army work!  I have been making Craters for my tanks.  I have been playing by putting dive down dice, but they get bumped, and the crater is distorted.  Also, Sometimes i forget that I get cover in there (you do).  So I made Cool craters for all my tanks.  I only use 2 or 3 rhino sized tanks, and one land raider.  i use some Land speeders too, but have not got around to it yet.

Here is my landraider wreck:

I know that the dozer blade does not fit, but i thought it looks cool, and I like it.

I made some for my razorbacks.  They are not red yet ( i made these first, and realized i wanted to make them red afterward).  They will add a lot to the battle field.

What does everyone think?  Do you make craters for your tanks?  How.  If anyone wants to know, I will post how I did it.

Peace--- DK

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Objectifying a Marker...

So.  Now that I am spending time making my army nice looking (finally), I made my very own objective marker!  I used the dead terminator from Space Hulk.  On a MC base, with some Crumbling concrete and some rocks.  The size of the base is the only problem I see.  It is large.  I need to make another, so both players have same sized objective.  Also, unless I want to make like 5, I should only use this guy in the two objective games.  Plus, If i provide Blood Angel Objectives, then I get home field advantage! Right?

I really like the Blood effect on the concrete.  I mixed sepia and blood red, let it dry, and put some devlin mud over it to make it look really old. 

Does anyone have tips on how to better take pictures.  I have a crappy little Kodak.  it has a micro function, but i cant hold it steady enough with out the flash, and that looks BAD.  Maybe there is a better way to light it?  Thanks in Advance.

Friday, September 24, 2010

New Sanguinary Priest Models!

So.  GW has not put out these models yet, so I thought I would give them my best shot. 

I was really tired of proxying golden marines for the job, so I took action.  What got me started was seeing the Dark angel Vet box at my FLGS.  When i saw the robes, I said to my self "I need my priests to look like that."

I Bought the box, and went home in a fury of glue, files, and plastic.  this is what I came up with.

I am going to paint a Chalice on his flag and his chest.  His Backpack and shoulder pads are Blood angels out, so there sould be no confusion.

Home boy is reading from the furious charge book.  Inside I am painting a Chalice and some unreadable small text.  Maybe a chalice on his chest too.

  Holding a home made winged chalice...  Needs some green-stuff, but I am out until Saturday.

What do people think?  I really like the Robes, be cause they are priests.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

WOOT!  So. I went to my first MLS away game tonight, and got jumped after the sounders Raped the earthquakes in the ear.  I got a Bad black eye, some bruises, and some cuts all around my left eye. Barf.  And I got some shit stollen.  So much for my ECS sarf.  This is me, at the stadium, before the adrinalin faded, and i started to hurt.  I also did not feel my dislocated finger yet.  FML.  On acation in Cali, so prob ot many new paint jobs for my angels soon.

Friday, July 23, 2010

What up! I am finally pushing to paint some more of my Blood Angles. And this is my newest completed project. It is a Razorback of course, with a twin linked Lascanon. Unlike most Blood Angles players this year, I like running my assault marines with jump packs. I do have two razor back squads that sit back and shoot, counter attack, and hold down the farm.

I like the Black and yellow checkers. It makes it seem more assaulty. I used Blood red and Blazing orange to highlight, and some bootstrap leather drybrushing to make it dirty. I think it looks ok, and better than table standard. Oh, a baal red wash before any highlighting.

Any one got some advice? This is my first BA tank, so could use any advice. Thanks.

... If anyone has ever read this. :)

Monday, June 7, 2010

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

1900 me vs 1950 eldar, Dawn of War Kill Points

Just got done with a campaign match against Eldar. I was playing hybrid list, with 4 Hydras, a LRBT, 2 Vendettas, 3 chimelta vets, a blob with 5 power-weapons and commissar, CCS with 2 snipers and Auto-Cannon, Auto-Cannon Sentinels, plus 2 auto-cannon squads.

My opponent Justin had a Far-seer, War-Walkers (3x), 4 Guardian squads (2 scatter lasers, 2 BL), an Avatar, Striking Scorpions in Wave-Serpent, Dire Avengers, 2 Wraith Lords, and a big unit of Wraith Guard.

There was lots of cover, , but little in the middle of the battlefield. The points difference was due to campaign things. This may sound bad, but i had a +3 to my first turn roll.

Night fight, so nothing really happened until 2nd turn. That's when the shooting really heated up. Turn one I took out a Walker, and blew the weapon off another. the Wave-Serpent fell to one of my Hydra squadrons. One wound for the avatar, and I took out some Dire Avengers, but the squad held.

They shot, and shook a Hydra, and a Bright-Lance stunned my Leman-Russ.

Turn three saw the Avatar fall to lots of Vendetta Fire. The war walkers were beat down some more, so there was only one left, with one scatter laser. I shot at the Dire Avengers, but they went to ground in cover...some more Guardians Died, and that was about it.

Justin stunned my Leman, shook a Vendetta, popped a Chimera. not so bad, considering how many Bright-Lances that were in his list.

I moved up and a Chimera, and flamed a Guardian squad to death (in combination with 2 Hydras and my Auto-Cannon Sentinels. The other hydras finished off his war walkers, and I killed one of the Wraith Lords with Las-Cannons. My blob squad moved up and FRFSRFed the (no on foot Striking Scorpions), killing 4.

In his turn, he whiffed my Leman, missed my Vendettas... well he missed near everything he shot at. he multi-assaulted an Auto-Cannon squad and the blob squad. BIG mistake! I lost like 8 guys, and killed 3, leaving 3. The Auto-Cannon teams ran away, and fell of the edge of the world. The Blob squad stood fast and piled in.

I killed another Guardian Squad, took down the last Wraith Lord, and finished off the Striking Scorpions in Assault.

In his turn the wraith Guard (with the Far-seer) finally got in range of my Sentinels, and killed 2 (thanks to creative hit allocation). His last whole Guardian Squad unloaded everything at my Flaming Chimera, and destroyed all it weapons, and immobilized it, but it held true, and protected my Veterans inside.

He rolled, and the game did not end, so he conceded.
IG: 7 Kill points
Eldar: 2 Killpoints

There are a few points I would like to make about this game. First, foot slogging Eldar are not very Viable, especially in a kill-point game. They are to, well kill-able. Second, the dice gods were cruel to poor Justin. I think I still would have won, but he could not roll to save his life.

This game was the first that my Hydras were ready for, and they were great. With the heavy bolters, they put out a lot of shots, and at just 75 points, they are a deal.

Any way, if anyone has advice, on my battle rep (my first) or any tactics, or anything else, please give it.


Sunday, January 3, 2010


I have played Catachan since 3 edition, and am getting better all the time. I miss the death world veterans, but am loving the new codex.

I am a poor student, and hate sending my hard earned (financial aid) money to GW. I am going to focus on two things, first, how to make things your self. I have made tanks, guns, and many other things for much less money than GW charges, and some of them don't look half bad.

Second, I want to help players with tactics and help all of us IG players be more competitive. Of course, If there is anything you want to add (please want to) send it in and we can discuss it.

Hope to have some pictures and conversions up soon...