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Da Mommas Boyz Brawl GT Write-up!

Go to this event!

Wow!  What a week end in Pullman Washington I had!  Two friends and I made the 6 1/2 hour trip from Bellingham to play in the first year of this event.  It was a LONG drive, but the event and the guys there made it totally worth it.

PS, Pictures from the second day are not online yet, so I am Waiting.  I will update, if anyone cares :)

First, my list.  
I brought my Blood Angels.  They are my only fully painted list, and I am the most experienced with them.  It is my list from the 2012 OFCC, which is a 5th edition list, but I feel like it is passable in 6th edition, and, as the games were played out, it proved it's self.

My Army, but on my Real Display Board

Reclusiarc w/ Infernous Pistol

Sang. Priest W/ Jump pack
Sang. Priest

Assault Squad (5) w/Flamer
Razorback (Las/Plas)

Assault Squad (5) w/Flamer
Razorback (Las/Plas)

Assault Squad (5) w/Melta
Razorback (TL Heavy Flamer)

Assault Squad (10) 2x Melta, PF

Assault Squad (10) 2x Melta, PF

Death Company (12) 2x PF, 12x Bolters
Land Raider Crusader w/MM

Devastators (5) 4x ML

Devastators (5) 4x ML

It is (IMO) a really balanced list.  The biggest gaps are psychic Defense and anti Flyer, but it makes up for it with a good amount of long range fire power, lots of melta, lots of warm (and tough) bodies, and a legitamate death-star unit that people do not think is any good at all.  I try to send my death company with the landraider and 20 Assault Marines (w/ FnP) forward to contest, kill, draw fire, annoy, etc.  they are Really survivable, and can assault really well.  With the bolters on the DC, and all the meltas, plus the LR, they put out lots of anti hoard and anti tank fire too.  (I love Shooting assault units :)  )

The back field is the devastators, a priest and some of the razorback squads, depending on the mission.  Here is where the firepower is.  this wing of the army is no slouch in assault either.  With the priest, the flamers, and the Razorbacks, they can deal with a lot of out flankers, etc.  they sit back and shoot, then get out on objectives, etc.

Laying Down the Heat!

More about the Tournament!  It was in a really Spacious Gymnasium.  The only bad thing was the hard wood floors.  Standing all weekend on carpet, even if it is thin, is way better than on hard wood floors.

Tables:  The tables were GREAT.  The terrain was mostly fair regardless of deployment, but was different enough that choosing deployment zones was still important.  the terrain was all painted, and many of the tables were themed.  wonderful to play on.  Each table was independent (plenty of room) with 2 feet of staging space on each.  I loved that we could walk around the tables with no problems.  With the missions in 6th edition, staying on one side of a 100 foot long table would really stink.  Loved it!

The Missions were really strait forward.  they were right out of the book.

Round 1 mission: Crusade/Dawn of War
Round 2 mission: Big Guns Never Tire/ Vanguard
Round 3 mission: Purge/ Vanguard
Round 4 mission: The Relic/ Hammer and Anvil
Round 5 mission: The Scouring/ Dawn of War

This was nice, especially with everyone being new to the edition.

The Points were 1/3 Battle, Painting and Sportsmanship.  5 points for a win, 3 for a tie, and one for a loss?  I for got.  Victory Points were used as a tie Breaker.

Round one! Crusade with Dawn of war!

I got a Local player playing Dark Angels.  My list has had success in the one game vs them (ever), but that was in 5th, so I was really not sure what to expect.  The List was a Dual wing, with three squads of terminators, two bikes, the HQ's that make them troops, two Las/auto Preds, and a vindicator.  I thought it was an odd list, but the vindicator scared.  I was confident that i could get the assault on the terminators, so the bikes were my top priority.

I set up my missile launchers in a building, and just out of an enchanted forest.  My Landraider was central (31 inches from the Vindicator) with assault squads flanking it.  I won the game pretty easily.  I seized, but did not really kill anything with night fight shooting.  I assaulted his bikes with an assault squad (he scouted) but he got both his plasma and melta hits, plus a bolter hit, and it killed 4 guys (including the PF!!!) so I was out.

Shit Guys!  They are about to Overwatch!
There were some epic Bike vs devastator assaults, where wounds were few and far between, and he was really surprised that the death company killed his Deathwing Death squad before they even got to hit (39 wounds out of 45 attacks!).  People just do't think they are good for some reason.

At the end, he had one objective, I had 4, and i got First blood and Warlord.  final was like 14-4 I think.
He was a great dude, and ended up getting my Favorite Opponent vote.

Round Two! Big Guns Never Tire/ Vanguard!

Another dark Angels Player!  Strange indeed!  This one had a captain, a few tactical squads in rhinos, a big melta ravening squad out flanking, a death wing squad deep striking, a dread in a pod, vindicator, whirlwind, and some Eldar allies (Far-seer, pathfinders, and storm guardians).  Not the best list IMO, but it had teath, and some speed.  IT was also pretty good for the mission.  there were two objectives in his zone, and one in mine.  I put it in a ruin, and packed it full of Missile launchers!  He put his whirlwind out of LOS on his, and put the Eldar and tactical marines on the other, and had the Dread pod in, the death wing Deep strike, and bikes out flank.

My Deployment Zone, From His

I won this too.  His Melta attack bike, Dread, etc, failed, and the Terminators were really lackluster, despite a deep-strike location that was bordering on suicidal.  Love Las/Plas in my deployment zone :) .

Death company was again able to clean off one objective and together with line breaker, first blood, and Slay the Warlord, it was a 6-3 victory for me.  Any more turns and I get full points.

Death Company:" MINE!"

It was a fun game, and my opponent was again a great guy, with huge balls (crazy deepstike!).  Would love to play him again, although if i were to, i would try to catch up his drinking (I was really hung over still, so was trying to hydrate).  His whirlwind was kind of good.  I wonder why I never see them?

Round Three!  Purge/ Vanguard!

Sitting at 2-0 after two dark angels players, I thought i was kind of lucky.  Their rules were older than mine, and I don't feel like the lists were as cut throat.  Then a dual land raider BA player comes up and introduces himself.  I was excited, because my goal going into the event was to win best in faction, so an opportunity to hand the other BA player a loss (he was 2-0 as well) was great for my goal.  

His list was two Landraiders, a redeemer and a God-hammer, with assault squads in each.  A  Reclusiarc  and a priest were in one of them. Two full Tactical squads with Plasma, and ML, and Dual Plasma Pistol, and Lascannon, a Ball Predator, and Two Rifleman Dreads.  

We set up, and fight!  night Fight again, so first turn was meh.  I got two razorbacks stuck on terrain behind terrain.  They had bad shots all game, and did little.  The LR moved up, as did the Assault squads, Flamer Razorback, and devastators (he deployed WAY back)

My Deployment!

His shooting was also bad, so no first blood. I got that when my devastators snap-fired a dreadnought.  Yay luck! Everything moved into striking distance...  But i got too close  Derp!  One of his squads zoomed up and assaulted one of my squads.

Landraider Dancing

Amazingly, I stayed in combat and stuck there for a while, before finally breaking them in like 2 game turns once my assault marines from the razorbacks showed up.  I got the Predator the next turn, and he got a razorback.  The land raiders, and my melta marine could not harm each other.  It was kind of sad.  The meltas were missing, or not penning, or not doing anything on the charts.  Fail Fest all around.  the tactical marines took out my assault squad that killed the Baal, and I shot his Rhinos to death.  On turn 5, after not killing the full land raider, The Death Company got impatient, and took it into their own hands.  They got out, melta'ed it, and killed all the guys inside on the charge.  That was a 5 point swing (4 KP, and the warlord) and that sealed the game.  it went longer, and they killed some tactical marines and killed the last dread (on a snap-fire melta!) before it was over.  Landraider chess at it's worse.  I got all three Secondary again, and won on kill points.  I think it was like 7-14 or something.

Again, really nice dude, and really close game until the Death Company hit.  They are MVP up to this point for sure!

Original Gangster Death Company, MVP Again...

So after three rounds I am 3-0 with almost max points, and feeling really great, but I know what I face Sunday morning.  A Necron List with 9 AV 13, and 3 fliers.  Yikes!  I have all night to stratigize, but instead I drink with the local guys who are putting on the tourney.  Some interesting things happen that night, but that is for another time.

Round 4!  The Relic/Hammer and Anvil!

So, this is the list I am really scared of.  2 doom scythes, a night scythe, 4 ghost arcs, 3 annihilation barges,  2 command Barges (with war scythes inside).  I was out matched for sure.

Yikes!  And beautiful!

Luckily, it was the Relic, so if i could get all the secondary, and deny him them, i could tie and play for best General.  And that is what I did.  Night fight again!  He went first and shot his hear out, but could not get past my 3+ cover on a razor back (I was ROLLING!)  He did like 9 pens and 7 glances or something Crazy, but I made EVERY SAVE.  no first Blood for Him.  Plan is Going well.  I move up, ignoring the relic, and shoot a lot.  I get a Ghost arc, and kill some Necron warriors   FIRST BLOOD!  He counters with a lot.  A razor back goes down, an assault and a priest, and most of the razor back squad, and immobilizes a Las/plas razor back.  The Flyers do some work, but fail to have range on the land raider (yay!).  The gauss does, and Glances it to death. The chariots move up and assault the last jump-pack squad.  They do well, blowing up one and not taking too many wounds.  They hold.  

I think it is high time the Death company got out.  they were going to rabble abound the objective, just denying it, but i need to kill their Warlord, so out they come.  Shooting is OK.  Another ghost arc explodes, and i knock out a night scythe, and stun another.  I flame some Necrons away, and assault.  I fail really badly vs the crons (multi-assault, but kill both lords, and get tied in CC!  Lucky me.  the Lords finish off the Assault squads though.  

This is when he grabs the relic, and starts to retreat.  I know I cant get it, so don't try.  He blows up my Razor back that is streaking towards his deployment, but the guys get out, make saves, and make it there for line breaker.  He kills all the DC, but the Reclusiarc stays alive, and deny him Slay the war lord.  They announce don't start another round,  he disembarks, acting kind of superior (not in a dickish way though) and zoomed his night scythe (without necrons in it) announces that he cant lose because he has line breaker with his flyer.  I open my dumb mouth and tell him that Vehicles cant get line breaker, and let him not disembark.  So with a full load of warriors, he zooms over.  but he does not disembark.  I feel like it is time to shut up, and pull out a tie.  Dick move?  I don't think so.  I almost shoot the darn thing down.

Kind of a contentious game, but I had fun, and was lucky to tie.  Stuck to my game plan.  

Question!  What is the arc on the Gauss Flayers on a ghost arc?  He was playing 180, and I thought they were 45.  Who knows.

The Tie put me matched up with the only other undefeated player!  Whoever won this would get Best General.  I was exceeding my own expectations, so was really Excited to finish it off.

Round 5!  The Scouring/Dawn of War!

Vs... Sisters?  Strange.  I have not fought them in years, and really had no Idea what I was doing!  My opponent was coming off a 3rd place finish at NOVA with this same list.  Yikes!

It was, A saint with a jump pack who kept getting up, some Jump pack Babes, 3 squads of bolter babes, some out flanking ones, some Heavy bolter girls, Two Extrosists, A bastion, A Dread-knight with a Teleporter, Cortez, and some Lascannon monkeys.

He gets the warlord trait to make his Saint Scoring, and he has 3 Fast attack.  Ugg.  I deploy opposite of this bastion, using some LOS blocking to nullify that.  I also Put the Melta Razorback out of line of site way over by its self across from the bastion (I really want to Melta it!)

Night Fight again, so barf.  I move up too far (derp) and get assaulted, but my boys hold, and the Dread-knight is too far out.  I get First Blood on a Rhino, and force a Sister Squad to fall back off the board.  I kill the Dread knight with Death company, and fall back in the other assault.  

The sisters assault the DC, and get locked in.  I made like 9 of 12 FnP, and really make my opponent mad.  I also make all my 4++ with the Reclusiarc, and that adds Fuel.  What is the HQ ladies Toughness?  I think all the wounds were instant death, but i did not the=ink about it then.  Opps.  He also poops my razor back with his out Flankers, bit fail to kill the melta gun.  ||

I kill his Rhino (FA, +1 VP) with the melta, and kill some more sisters.  His Jump packs Hit and run out, and he shoots the DC doun to just the Reclusiarc.  Takes him hell shots, due to FnP.  He hates my dice a lot.  the Jumppack babes assault the Devastators, and ALL die.  Lol.  VP +1.  I kill some, he kills some, etc.  the last turn has him killing me off two objectives and winning. 5-11.  I was a 4+ away from winning though!  His saint got up, killed a squad off a 4 point objective, and scored it.  Takes away 4 from me, plus Slay the warlord, and get him 4, plus Line Breaker.  Uggg.  I hate that it came down to a 4+ to see if she got back up.

It was a good game, and I learned a lot.  Sisters are pretty ok, and in the hands of a great player, they can be killer.  


  With the tie, I was knocked to 4th overall, and 3rd for Best General.  I was one point out of 2nd over all, and I forgot my display board at home.  FmL.  I did make one while I was Drunk the night before, so got some points, but not enough.  I also thought i should have had more points with the painting, but it is subjective. 

All in all a great event.


Great way to get line break = Fast Razorbacks

Can't wait to be back next year, and next year, don't steal my Burrito!  You know what I am Talking about...

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