Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Objectifying a Marker...

So.  Now that I am spending time making my army nice looking (finally), I made my very own objective marker!  I used the dead terminator from Space Hulk.  On a MC base, with some Crumbling concrete and some rocks.  The size of the base is the only problem I see.  It is large.  I need to make another, so both players have same sized objective.  Also, unless I want to make like 5, I should only use this guy in the two objective games.  Plus, If i provide Blood Angel Objectives, then I get home field advantage! Right?

I really like the Blood effect on the concrete.  I mixed sepia and blood red, let it dry, and put some devlin mud over it to make it look really old. 

Does anyone have tips on how to better take pictures.  I have a crappy little Kodak.  it has a micro function, but i cant hold it steady enough with out the flash, and that looks BAD.  Maybe there is a better way to light it?  Thanks in Advance.

1 comment:

  1. Great looking objective marker! Actually playing over something meaningful to your army adds a ton of depth to the game. I look forward to seeing the next one.