Saturday, December 11, 2010

Death Company, Help me decide...

So.  I bought a box of death company.  I know right?  Finally.  The models are fantastic, and I sure could use the extra bit in the box.  I however have different Plans for my death company models...

I am going to use them as sergeants!   My buddy and I were playing the other day, and four out of five assault squads rolled a one for red thirst (against IG ((woot!)).  The whole game, I had to keep dice following my guys around the whole time, to show which had red thirst and which did not.  Needless to say, it was a bit of a... well, it sucked.

Then An Idea popped into my little head! I ran right down to the store and got me a box of death.  When I roll red thirst, I am going to put out a death company sergeant, equipped just like the regular sergeant.  This will represent the whole squad going a little nuts.  I usually try to pull my sergeant last (powerfist you know) , so he should stay on the board long enough to clearly show that this squad is red thirsty.  Right.

So, That got me to thinking, how should I paint them up?  The first one I did like everyone else did.  Black, codex grey, with trimmings.  The second, has a black base coat, but is tinted red just a little.  I figured that they were not quite black thirsty, so I should have a red shaddow on it.  What do you guys think?  Any sugestions for the paint jobs (they were test modles, and the lines will become much more neat).

So, the big Question... Black, or red Black?

Oh, any Idea how to do a poll?

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