Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Some stuff I have been Painting...

So.  I have been playing with Death company.  I know they are not great, but they are fun.  I am working on 15 death company dudes, but tonight i thought I would throw up my WIP of their rides.

I also stole (not really) a thunder fire cannon to see how fast i could paint it.  My Roommate has two, and this one was a really bad mold, so he did not mind.  I made it smurf like, because that is what he play.


  1. How complete are those rhino paintjobs? I ask, not to be insulting, but I wonder if the paint marks are a WIP or if they're indeed finished. The reason is, I like them the way they are. The unfinished look really evokes a hand-painted feel (as in, the marines painted the X's.

    I'd have to say, that's about the most realistic "custom" paint job I've seen on a vehicle. Kudos to you...

  2. Well, The red bits of the "x"s are about done. I did not want nice crisp lines, because I figures that there were not enough jump-packs for the death company (spur of the moment) so they threw some paint on a tank and pointed it at the bad guys. I have a Lot of Detail to do on the rest of it, but the red is about done. I have lits of purity seals and shit, and some more weathering.

  3. Well, then they look fantastic.

    I hate it when I see what I think it an incredible paint job, that, come to find out, is just a WIP.

    You've captured this effect perfectly.

  4. LOL, Well it is a WIP, but the red was was I set out to do last night, and it is done. Thanks though!