Sunday, January 8, 2012

Well, Started to Paint some 'Crons...

First.  Let us make one thing Clear.  I Still am Mad and disappointed in this book.  I think it is much worse than any of the other 5th ed codices (codex Plural?) except maybe 'Nids.  I am Still peeved, and will hate Mat Ward until the day he dies.

But...  there is an escalation league... and I do like Painting these guys.... so yeah, I will Play this turd heap of a codex.

I Am painting bone necrons.  The Dry Brushed Bolt gun never Really Did it for me, So i am Stripping and repainting my metallic legions.  I have a great paint scheme, but Have no idea how to apply it to Tanks... Oh well, another Day.

Here is what I have Finished.  I think for the 750 Level I will have 7 Scarabs.  In my final List, I will most Likely have 10.  I love Destroyers too much (even though the suck now) to not have 2 units.

What do you think of the paint?  I did these all in like 4 hours (including the Bases) (and a few chapters of Steven King) so the time is right, and the look is OK.

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