Saturday, November 5, 2011

Mat Ward. You are dead to me...

Should read New Dex...


I am very Disappointed with this heap of crap that everyone is calling a codex.  I have been playing with a crappy codex for ever, and now it is ... even worse?  Well, I am not sure about that, but it is garbage.  They nerfed all the models that I own (warriors, Destroyers, Monolith...)  And introduced new, beautiful, but really crappy units.

Ok.  First.  What is the point of Immortals hat cant move and shoot effectively?  So now, when i am running away from assault (which you will have to!)  I don't get any shots over 12 inched.  SMART!  Warriors are cheaper, but WAY fragile, and still will whither to a squad of charging fire warriors (an exaggeration i know, but really!?  REALLY?)

And GW's website claim that Necrons will have devastating assault units... bla bla bla... WRONG!  The wraiths don't have Reanimation, the scarabs no longer can turbo boost for the save and to get in position (and don't ignore terrain), and the C'tan don't ignore all saves.  The cool new units Mat ward tactlessly
inserted are cool, but garbage never the less. The close combat ones are SLOW, in ever since of the word.  They can not get access to the assault tanks (open top, not proper assault tanks), and they have the reflexes of a dead sloth.  What have they been doing these last 45 million years?  I promise agility training they were not.  They will fold to any half decent assault unit, and will be held up by grey-hunters.  They are as much points as a terminator, have worse save, worse weapons, fewer attacks, and will strike in combat just before the big bang reverses its self.  Assault unit my posterior.

The shooty option for these guys is just as dumb.  Jump Infantry with single shot six inch guns!  but if they do not wipe out the heavy weapons teams they shoot at (and they will not unless you take ten of them, for the points equivalent of 10 terminators) then the heavy weapons team will assault you (from 6 inches away remember) and sweep you in combat (good by Reanimation). Well maybe a heavy weapons squad wouldn't, but a pathfinder team or some guardians would finish you off.

Keep in mind there cost as much as a terminator!

The Fast attack is garbage too.  the Destroyers are not marine killers, but they were before.  I will take volume of S6 shots over less S5 shots (that kill Aromr 3) Any day.  Now the can't penetrate a razor back ("buy more razorbacks"- GW).  the access to the Heavy Gauss cannon is nice, but it makes the squad split into things that are wasting low strength shots on big things, or losing shots on infantry.  If all of them could take the big gun, they would be good, but if you take only three of them with the heavy cannon, and none with the regular cannon, the squad is wiped to easily, and no Reanimation.  Garbage.  Oh, and Jump infantry?  thanks for making them a little less versatile.

Tomb blades seem ok, but give them T5!  they are freaking necrons!  They cost 1.5 times their original cost to give them the blast weapon, and then for a stupid amount of points, you can give them a 3+  Again!  NECRONS!

*I faces palmed so many times while reading this codex my whole forehead is bruised, and writing this is making it worse*

Annihilation barge?  Can only kill infantry, and low armor infantry.  Cheap, but Garbage (cool model though).

Doomsday Arc? Way expensive.  Who would rather have a Leman Russ?  this guy.  And for way few points.  iI isn't even fast.  Give me a break.

The two Cylon raider ships? (Yes, that is what they are)  Well, they look cool and are fast.  When I was reading these I was like "Yay, not open topped!"  But then I realized that the had no quantum shielding, si would just die like a rhino turn 1.  Was of points and really pricey.  Same as the dooms day arc.

Monolith.  heap of scrap without the old Living metal.  It only has short range guns.  What else is short range?  oh yeah, melta.  And Melta is a heck of a lot quicker.  Hope it is recyclable...   It used to be the lynch pin that kept your army alive.  Not it has none of that.  It is garbage (seeing a trend)

the Tomb spider's replacement is a pass.  About the same.  Not as good of a magic defense as the pariahs were though.  Only really good if you are spamming Scarabs.  Which are too slow and not survivable enough to really use their bomb new power to destry tanks.  If they could assault off the deep strike, or if your opponent had to move the tanks towards them...  Well though out Mr Ward.

Flayed ones are stupid.  Yeah, they throw out a lot of (non rending) attacks, but they will do it at I2.  So you will have already lost combat by then.  This is a speed bump unit at best.  Better to just use warriors.  they at least will take something down in the shooting phase before they are run down in combat.

The stalker sounds great, but is expensive and slow.  Too slow to get in double pen range.   And it costs as much as a Leman Russ, but is slower, weaker, and has a less versatile gun.   This seems like a theme...

The only good things about this book are the HQs.  Unlike all the other book in 5 ed, this one cant tweak the force org.  So Balls.  But it can put mini necron lords in all your squads.  I hope people do not go for all the CC upgrades, because you will lose combat by one less and still get swept.  Focus on the shooting.  The Difficult terrain one in combo with the C'Tan Shard that makes everything Difficult into dangerous.  Force lots of test.  Also, the solar flare could save your but from a turn 7 barrage to wipe you off n objective.  The wording is a little vague though, on how many pieces of wargear you can take per court, and I am afraid that you will only get one of each wargear per court when the FAQ makes this book even worse.  Oh, you can also get The personal teleporters, but you can not escape combat any more.

The other HQs are cool, but will not redeem this book.  They try to create synergy among the units, but they still suck.  In order to get the synergy you have to devote you whole list to it, and then you are one dimensional.  I am Really bummed (as I am sure you can tell).  I hope my local gamers will let me continue to use my nine year old codex.  I feel dirty (not in a good way) reading this one.  I am Glad I have not opend my boxes of guys, as i will be returning them tomorrow (the day they come out :) ).

It is Late here now, and I might write more tomorrow, but I am going to go Cry Myself to sleep, and dream of a day when my beloved Necrons will get a new new codex.

D_K out.


  1. I wonder if people would still hold new crons in the same limelight a couple of months from now. With across the board nerfs for all the old units(even the scarabs no longer have stealth and turbo-boost) and the disappearance of the pariahs, would this result in mediocre builds(nids) or outright worthlessness(WD SoB) after the hubbub subsides?

  2. I think one or maybe two ok lists will come out. BUT, I think they will be really one dimensional, and/or gimmicky. A big Meh for me. I will continue to paint mine, then use it as a club army.

  3. Tnx for the reply. It is a shame that they have to do across the board stat nerfs for all the old models.

  4. Lol. You know how often anyone coments? OF COURSE i reply!