Wednesday, February 16, 2011

making worlds...

So.  Now that I have a table to ply on at my house, my roommate cavik has tasked me to making the terrain for out table.  I am doing a "old city being reclaimed by nature" theme.  There are lots of buildings, ruins, some old defensive lines.  It has been fun. 

Here is What I have so far...
This is a box set that my friend brought over...  It was my first piece that I did
 This is my first homemade bit.  It is a bunker, but we play that it is just ruins.  the top comes off.
 A ruined building.
 Some runes.  I made this for my TrollBlood army, but i use it for 40k.
 These are some defensive lines for infantry.  Mad mostly of spare stuff after i finished other projects.
 More Ruins.  This is a bad angle, but there is a sweet arch.
 Some LoS blocking rocks.  Perfect for a Vindicator surprise...
An old power station type thing.  Not done yet.
And this is my latest creation.  It is a city block.  the middle will not be difficult, just the foot prints.  Not done...Duh.

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